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What Is

Online Counseling?

Virtual Therapy: Your Path to Healing from Anywhere

For your convenience, we offer sessions online using secure software that is similar to Skype. This allows individuals the opportunity to get the resources and the support they need, while also being in a safe and comfortable space of their choosing. In-person counseling can sometimes be difficult to fit into a busy lifestyle. This alternative will allow you to join your counseling session from just about anywhere. Another added benefit is it cuts out the drive and wait time that you may encounter with face-to-face counseling, allowing you more flexibility in your schedule allows you to schedule before work or during your lunch break. This allows you to take one more stressor out of counseling. In addition, research continues to show that online counseling (telemental health) is just as effective as traditional in-office counseling.

Sometimes having to go to an unfamiliar place to meet

Online Counceling

someone you have never met before can be intimidating. Some clients have severe anxiety about going to their appointments until they have become more comfortable with the location and their therapist. What we have seen is that being able to do your sessions from the comfort of your own home or a familiar location has tremendously helped people to open up faster and do the work needed to move towards healing at a faster pace than in a traditional office setting. It is important that you still have space that allows you the privacy you need to be able to completely open up with your therapist during these sessions.

Online sessions are conducted through a secure and easy-to-use HIPAA-compliant video conferencing platform. It works on all browsers, as well, as smartphones enabling you to join your session from virtually anywhere you have a signal or WiFi.

You will be sent a link each week to your counseling session. At the beginning of each session, we will confirm your physical address at the time of the session. This is to confirm that you are physically located in a state that your therapist is licensed. The only other time this address would be used is for a wellness check by your local authorities if there are any safety concerns.

This is a great way to engage in counseling. Make this your positive decision to get the resources and support you need for yourself!