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Ashlyn Railsback

My History

I am born and raised in Texas, and currently live in a small Texas town with my wonderful husband, two precious children, and three crazy dogs. In 2022, we lost our other son when he was stillborn. His loss has led me to be passionate about helping other mothers who have gone through loss, and people going through grief. During that time, I also realized first-hand the power of having creativity and hobbies to help with the healing process. I started doing pottery then and most evenings after the kids are asleep, and if I’m not hanging out with my husband, I’m in my garage working on my pottery wheel. Working with my hands helped me in coping, and I truly love the creativity it brings to my life. I also love reading in my spare time, and traveling to new places. I love travel because I love history and learning more about the world around me. I think that interest in the world around me, and the introspection that fuels, helps me to be a better counselor. To be able to see other’s perspectives and seek to understand them, and where they come from. I’ve always wanted to help others, and I feel so lucky to get to work every day with people doing something that fulfills me and my purpose.

My Approach

As a counselor I show compassion and acceptance to every client I work with. It is an honor to get to work with my clients, and to help them on their journey. I seek to create a safe space for them, where they can feel comfortable and at ease. To where it encourages healing, and a safe environment to process their thoughts and emotions. Through collaboration with the client, I work with them to help them achieve the goals they want to reach.

I have counseled individuals, as well as couples and families. I have worked with people of all ages, and with people who have experienced anxiety, depression, grief, and trauma. I see couples for premarital, and marriage counseling. I’m passionate about helping women, and women who have experienced infertility and pregnancy loss. I am certified in Prepare/Enrich couples counseling, and trained in prolonged exposure therapy for addressing trauma and PTSD.


I got my masters in psychology from Hardin Simmons university, and was also a High School teacher when I first graduated while working on my Masters in Counseling. I became very passionate about working with young adults after teaching and seeing what some of my students were going through. After becoming a Licensed Professional counselor, I worked at a psychiatric hospital with populations experiencing extreme mental illness. I’ve since been working in private practice for 4 years, and work with individuals, and couples. I feel honored to get to work with people through whatever struggles they have been going through.

  • Bachelors:

    Hardin Simmons University

  • Masters Degree:
    Clinical Counseling Marriage and Family
    Hardin Simmons University


Licensed Professional Counselor