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Counseling for Collective Well-being

Harmonizing Group and Family Dynamics

Group dynamics are always challenging. Different personalities, opinions, and preferences they can make interactions interesting to say the least. Sometimes in families, this can create chaos and knowing what to do with that can be difficult. In family counseling, we will work through these dynamics to explore boundaries, setting limits, learning to communicate, and problem solve with each other while remaining respectful.

Other more complicated family issues may include, but not limited to, dealing with the challenges of a blended family, co-parenting after a divorce, sibling conflicts, adjusting after a move, and difficult transitions.

In the future, we will be conducting psychosocial groups navigating subjects such as anxiety, depression, social skills, conflict resolution, stress management, anger management, surviving a deployment, and preparing for reintegration.

Feel free to reach out to us to learn about our current offerings and what we will also be offering in the future.

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