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Strengthening Your Bond

Couples & Marital Counseling

Relationships are hard, aren’t they? Sometimes they are exhausting. The truth is relationships take work. Have you heard people say “our relationship is better now than it’s ever been. We are more in love then we’ve ever been before.” If we are being honest, sometimes we want to roll our eyes at that because we are so not there. Although that’s a great sentiment those words are discouraging when you look back at your own relationship and know your relationship is far from that! Trust me, every relationship has experienced trials. Relationships have ups and downs, and navigating through the journey of life together can definitely be a challenge. Sometimes we need help navigating through these stuck points. Our emphasis in couples/marital counseling is to help you to get unstuck, learn to communicate, and problem solve together as a team while using healthy strategies. Within the counseling process, we want to help you strengthen your friendship, learn to communicate effectively, fight fair, problem solve, compromise, validate each other, and find your happiness together.

Other more complex situations that we may explore in marital counseling are: infidelity, divorce, reintegrating after deployment, how to cope with a spouse that has been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, faith- based differences, and parenting issues.

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