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Support for Service Members and Families

Navigating Military Life

Being a service member or a family member of a service member can be an exciting life. You get the opportunity to go to different places (countries even) and meet different people. You get to serve our country in a way that is respected and honored by your communities. With that being said, this lifestyle also comes with a number of sacrifices and hardships.

For most, this means constant moves, deployments, continual training and field exercises, and a number of things that interfere with your day to day lives.

It means…

  • your family being separated for long periods and then learning to re-integrate when the service member returns.

  • interrupting your career as you have to move yet again? (spouses)
  • when you finally feel comfortable it’s time to move to a new location.
  • not being around your social support network and having to develop a new one in your new location.
  • missing holidays with family because you are too far away.
  • your service member missing holidays because the service member is deployed or at a training exercise.
  • not feeling connected with your service member or family members because they/you have been away more than they/you have been home.

These are just a few of the many things you experience as being part of a military family.

Sometimes, these challenges can be overwhelming and you may even doubt why you choose this lifestyle. We do understand the hardships of military life. We would love to connect with you to support you in working through these hardships. We want you to live your best military life.

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