What is Online Counseling?

For your convenience, I offer video counseling allowing individuals the opportunity to get the resources and support they need. Sometimes, in-person counseling is difficult to fit into a busy life. This will allow you to join your counseling session from just about anywhere. In addition, it cuts out the drive and wait time that you often encounter with face-to-face counseling. This allows you to take the stress out of counseling. In addition, research continues to show that online counseling (telemental health) is just as effective as traditional in-office counseling.

Online sessions are conducted through zoom a secure and easy to use HIPAA-compliant video conferencing platform. It works on all browsers, as well, as smartphones enabling you to join your session from virtually anywhere you have a signal or WiFi.

You will be sent a link each week to your counseling session. At the beginning of each session, I will confirm your physical address at the time of the session. This is to confirm that you are physically located in a state that I am licensed. The only other time this address would be used is for a wellness check by your local authorities if there is any safety concerns.

This is a great way to engage in counseling. Make this your positive decision to get the resources and support you need for yourself!

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