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Renee Thomas

My History

Travel, adventure, and health are three of my biggest passions. I grew up living amongst the Sonoran Desert and Ponderosa Pines which only ignited my passion to continue to explore the outdoors and travel as much as I could. This led me in my early adulthood to take on a nomad lifestyle so I could explore the world around me. I ended up exploring 5 states and recognizing, even more, my love for the outdoors and seeing the world around me. In my free time, I enjoy trail running, hiking, rock climbing, backpacking, and camping as it allows me to see more of the beautiful things in our world. Another thing I love is fitness and discovering what happens when we push our limits and see the fulfillment of hard work and attaining our goals. In pushing myself in my own goals, I have learned how our own mindset can get in the way of accomplishing the goals we so desperately want to achieve. In college, I began trail running for stress relief and thought I’d never be able to run more than a few miles but as I began to change my mindset and listened to my support system I was able to accomplish a marathon, an ultra-marathon, and 50k. My own life experience has taught me so much about what I lean into with my clients. If we can shift our mindset nothing is impossible.

My Approach

I believe that you are the expert of your own life and you know the things that you want to accomplish, however, something keeps getting in the way of being able to make it happen. You often get disappointed and feel like it is unobtainable. You do not talk about your goals and even hide your aspirations from others because you do not want them to see another thing that you don’t accomplish. It affects the way that you see yourself. It affects the thoughts that fill your mind. It affects the way that you think others see you. Sometimes all we need is someone to support us, to believe in us, and help us to see our truth. Sometimes we need help to see that it is possible and that we are capable. Sometimes we just need someone to come alongside us and cheer us on to see that things can come to fruition. Sometimes all we need is someone to believe in us and lead us to the steps to get there.

My therapy style is collaborative, solution-focused, and person-centered therapy. I believe everyone has the solution to their issues, they just need a little assistance uncovering the answers and learning how to overcome the obstacles they encounter. I enjoy working with others to help them find their value and help them know that they can accomplish anything they put their mind to. I work with others to help them reveal stress management and healthy coping skills which will assist them in overcoming any challenges. The clients who appear to have success in therapy with me, come ready to work, to figure out how to move past those obstacles. My ultimate goal as a counselor is your success.


I changed my major a few times while working on my undergraduate degree as there were a number of things that caught my attention. I finally received a Bachelor’s in Psychology with a minor in Biology from Northern Arizona University. After three years of traveling the Northwest, I started working towards a Master’s in Counseling at the University of Phoenix. I finished my degree in 2008 and started my journey in counseling through Integrative Behavioral Health, which brought my love of psychology and biology together. I have a strong passion for the mind and body connection and am intrigued with how strongly they impact each other.


Licensed Professional Counselor